A Kee Story

Your online home screen.

Initial Inspiration

We originally wanted to develop Kee, starting in August 2021.

At that time, we saw the release of iOS widgets, the videos released by the new UI of Windows 11 and Android 12, and we liked the different system styles very much.

So we decided to develop a service for creating a “personal page” based on these different UI tastes.

Original Idea of Kee

Linktree provides a display of “horizontal bars”, a one-dimensional space, from top to bottom, very simple.

Kee wants to create a differentiated experience, so “grids” came to mind, changes from one dimension to two dimensions, can be arranged horizontally and vertically.

With the inspiration of apps and widgets, the personal page experience is enriched and more possibilities are created.

Launched Official Welcome Page

In August 2021, we registered the kee.so domain and Twitter account @_keeso.

In September 2021, the welcome page was launched, and the slogan was “Your home screen on internet”. This is the first tweet.

A personal page that can freely combine apps and widgets, so we gave it the concept: “home screen”.

Met Halfway Through … Bento

But Kee did not have the right time to start formal development. In December 2022, Bento went online.

Although the idea is earlier than Bento, but developed late, so it is hard to avoid being called a Bento-like service.

But still, Kee is only similar in “grids”, it is completely different in other aspects.

How Kee Differs from Bento

The core of Kee is not built on the concept of “bento 🍱”, but on the concept of “home screen”.

So in essence, the underlying concepts of Kee and Bento are different.

What Kee wishes to provide is a “home screen”.

“Home Screen” x Web

A personal page that is identical in concept and design like a home screen of a phone.

It’s one page, one link, one “home screen” for everyone.

With the form of app + widgets, everyone can easily create a home screen on internet, which can be freely customized just like the home screen of a phone.

Unlimited Personal Page

This page focuses on displaying your various social links, URLs, pictures, and text.

This page link, uniquely defined by you, can be placed on any social platform, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok...

The design of the page is up to you to create freely, emoji icon, widget background color, home screen “wallpaper”, blurring, adding noise, you will not encounter any problems.

Your Home Screen on Internet

The degree of freedom and personalization of Kee is far beyond that of Bento.

On mobile, its interface is completely responsive and does not require additional design, which is exactly the meaning of the web.

Be consistent on any screen and insist on consistent performance.

Make the only home screen, Perfect in everywhere. ⚡️